3RHT Variable Geometry Plate Rolls

Variable, or translating, geometry plate rolls provide a premium option of robust design, high functionality, modern innovation and an ideal range of material thickness optimization. These machines are also a premium option for cone applications as the dual-plane movements of both bottom rolls offer a high degree of precision. IMCAR has built upon the design and expertise gained by Sergi, one of the pioneers of the translating geometry machine design and production. For heavy plate applications the variable geometry is often the preferred choice as the economical design provides heavy duty capacity with a minimal footprint and maximum power and function.

3RHT Variable Geometry Plate Rolls - IMCAR 3RHT 3 Roll Variable Geometry


  • Fully hydraulic
  • 3 roll design with independent movement of each roll
  • Increased “sweet spot” for minimal crown effect in rolled material
  • Dual rotation speed variability
  • PLC managed roll parallel
  • Reduced flat spots on pre-bending applications
  • Reduced working height
  • Optimized plate position for increased safety and functionality
  • The best solution for conical applications
  • Minimal foundation requirements
  • Multi-directional movement of bottom rolls
  • Ability to function as a press and roll
  • Reduced footprint for increased rolling capability and shop optimization