Dished Head Lines

Over the years IMCAR has focused its attention to the needs of its customers and the market, with various models designed with modern and innovative solutions.

To complement our Vertical Systems for Tank Production™, IMCAR has developed a line of presses and flanging machines to allow our clients to produce both flanged and dished as well as pressed head designs for tanks and vessels.

Dished Head Lines - flanging


  • Our standard head press line reaches 1000 Ton capability, with higher tonnage requirements available on request.
  • Built to rugged and industrial standards synonymous with IMCAR products, these presses provide efficient production, high quality and unparalleled durability.
  • Combining IMCAR presses and manipulators allows full production of flanged and dished head production.
  • IMCAR press and manipulator designs allow ease of use and function to be controlled by a mobile control console, easily operated by only one technician.
  • IMCAR press manipulators allow single function or multi-stage programs for various steps to be conducted automatically in allowing for complete head production from steel sheet or plate to completed head.
  • IMCAR utilizes a unique design for the main cylinder hydraulic thrust, therefore reducing stroke time and increasing overall production speed and efficiency.