Our Technologies, Your Solutions

Our Technologies, Your Solutions

FST, an IMCAR company, is the premier provider of high quality steel fabricating equipment and solutions. Discover the secret that shops all over North America and the world already know. FST, we keep your operation rolling.

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About Our Company

Fabrication Solutions & Technologies is your dynamic solutions provider in the realm of rolling, bending and custom application welding equipment. We don’t just sell to our clients, we seek to understand their application, budget and production demands in order to provide the right solution for their needs. We’re not just a fabricating equipment company, we’re a partner. Let FST work for you and your project needs!

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Get a Free FST Catalog!
Get a Free FST Catalog!

Fabrication Solutions & Technologies, an IMCAR company, is excited to announce the launch of our product catalog. In this catalog you will not only see products, features, and benefits but you can learn more about what sets FST apart from the competition.


When McMillan Welding decided to explore the possibility of manufacturing API shop tanks we knew we could only select the most efficient machines and equipment. With the Station 1 option of the Vertical System for Tank Production™ from IMCAR we were able to do just that. Not only did it help us to quickly produce the highest quality tanks in an extremely efficient process, but it also gives us peace of mind to know we have a trusted partner in IMCAR machines. We would recommend Fabrication Solutions & Technologies to anyone looking to select bending, rolling or welding solutions for their steel fabrication business. We look forward to expanding in the future and know without a doubt who we'll call for our equipment needs.

-Gena Alvarado, GM, McMillan Welding

As a leading provider of API 12F tanks and ASME vessels our manufacturing capabilities require innovation, heavy duty industrial-grade machinery, and trust in the company behind it. IMCAR equipment is vital to our manufacturing process and we highly recommend Fabrication Solutions & Technologies for your plate rolling, bending and welding equipment needs.

-Kenny Freeman, Vice President, PetroSmith

Fabrication Solutions & Technologies is great to work with and very knowledgeable about the fabrication process. They make the customer's concerns their concerns and assists in finding solutions. I would recommend anyone looking for equipment to consult with Fabrication Solutions & Technologies before moving forward with any purchases

-Rusty Watkins, President, Watkins Metal Fabrication

Jeremiah helped our company wade through the exhaustive details of purchasing a complicated piece of fabricating equipment. Everything was complete and detailed to ensure we were comfortable with purchasing a piece that was very new to our company. I highly recommend Fabrication Solutions & Technologies for your fabricating equipment needs.

-James Varner, former owner, Palmer of TX

I've relied on IMCAR for my equipment needs for nearly a decade. Here in west Texas our equipment must be solid, dependable and able to withstand a demanding shop environment and IMCAR machines do just that. If you're looking for someone you can trust, high-quality and dependable machinery backed by a solid warranty, and people with integrity to stand behind it, then Fabrication Solutions and Technology is your company.

-Joe Keith Martin, General Manager, Viking, Inc.

Highly reliable, innovative and built shop tough, our operation runs on IMCAR machinery. Whether it's our Vertical System for Tank Production™ or our standard plate rolls we're proud to have invested in and relied on IMCAR machines and solutions for our production needs. I recommend anyone looking to make a fabricating equipment purchase contact Fabrication Solutions & Technologies. Their knowledge of the market, honesty, and commitment to customers make them more than a vendor; they're also a trusted partner.

-Ray Hutcherson, President, Accurate Tank & Vessel