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Automatic Half-Pipe Forming & Welding Systems from IMCAR

Automatic Half-Pipe Forming & Welding Systems from IMCAR - welding equipment

The revolution in half-pipe fabrication is here. Whether the application calls for stainless or carbon steel half-pipe jacketing for your tank or vessel, IMCAR Automatic Half-Pipe Forming & Welding Systems™ have you covered.

Our systems allow for the forming of the half-pipe profile from flat coil stock, while also rolling to the proper diameter, fitting to the tank and simultaneously welding both sides. What currently takes several employees and weeks upon weeks of man hours, can now be done in one shift.


Lower production time.

Improve quality.

Reduce production costs.


-Up to 4” SCH 40 profile forming (6″ on request)

-Up to 3/16” material thickness (5/16″ on request)

-Stainless or Carbon material


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