Revolutionize Your Dimpled Jacket Production

Dimpled Jacket - Pillow Plate - Keppels Laser Welding System

Step into the future with the Keppels Laser Welding System™ for Dimpled Jacket Production. For years the North American market has relied on antiquated, manual, labor-intensive methods to produce dimpled jackets for their tank, vessel and heat-exchanger applications. Frequently, even when technology is invested in and relied upon, it uses resistance-welding, which does offer a lower entry point, but severely limits production speed, quality, and overall efficiency. Not only does the Keppels System bring you the latest in laser welding technology, it takes it one step further by leaving behind the old CO2 laser technology and stepping into the future with fiber laser technology from IPG. Why laser welding for Dimpled Jacket? Up to 5x faster than traditional resistance welding methods Higher quality welding results that eliminate the need to remove plastic or clean the backside of welded panels Rapid transfer of programs from AutoCAD or design software in the to proprietary Keppels CNC system that makes editing and revisions a thing of ease Drastically increased efficiency concerning power usage, consumables, and gases when compared to old CO2 laser technology […]

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Warcom: Premium Bending & Cutting Solutions for Steel Fabricators

Did you know that the FST product line included much more than just IMCAR Tank Production Systems and plate rolls? We sure do, and those products include fiber lasers, press brakes, shears, laser welding systems for dimpled jackets, grinding and polishing equipment, seam welders, head presses, angle rolls, and more.  We’d like to introduce you to our partner-provider, Warcom. With a history dating back to 1959, Warcom, as it stands today, has been a leading provider of high-quality, industrial grade solutions in the realm of press brakes, shears, plasma cutting and is on the cutting edge of technology with fiber laser cutting.  Don’t forget that FST technicians are trained and factory certified for all our products and can help our customers with many competitor brands as well. We’re here for you.  We here at FST are proud to bring these premium products to our clientele all across North America. Learn more about Warcom and it’s products here: 

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Although I’m certain MTMGA isn’t as catchy and won’t be as popular as the famous MAGA acronym, in the world of manufacturing, and in particular the world of steel fabrication and manufacturing of steel products, it’s every bit as important to us. Without weighing in on any political side or debate, as that’s not the point of this article, I do believe we can all acknowledge that we are indeed in the throes of a robust economy and overall positive business environment. Throughout the political debates and continuing past the election of our current POTUS many of us (again business lens here) are energized by the promise and energy surrounding the return of jobs to the United States. We were equally excited that blue-collar skills and jobs were being respected and trumpeted once again for the overall value they bring to our nation and its ability to compete and sustain on a global level. The very same jobs, opportunities and manufacturing prowess that served the rise of our nation to prominence and affluence had seemingly been forlorn and forgotten since […]

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