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FST Building Update

FST Builds New Facility

“Fabrication Solutions & Technologies (FST; Longview, TX) is well underway in constructing their new building that is located in the outskirts of Longview. This company, built on integrity and faith, is making their dreams a reality. Known for their high-quality products and optimal performance, FST is putting a competitive spin on the industry by offering some of the most diverse steel fabricating equipment in North America. This expansion is not surprising: “This is a great opportunity for our team and a result of hard work, prayer, and dedication to customer service,” said office manager Erica DeRouen.

The employees could not be more excited for the future of this corporation as FST gears up for their first open house event at the new site, which will be ready to launch soon after the New Year in 2020. Past, present and future customers will be welcomed to join and participate in this thrilling time of new beginnings. Overall, this project not only establishes a renewed commitment to their community, it is also a result of dedication and hard work committed to their mission.”

“FST Builds New Facility.” Fabricating and Metalworking, Steven Kulikowski, 5 June 2019, 4:05 PM, http://www.fabricatingandmetalworking.com/2019/06/fst-builds-new-facility/.

Plate Rolls & Bending Solutions by IMCAR

One of the bedrocks of the IMCAR product line are the options of standard and custom plate rolls. With options for 3 roll double-pinch, 3 roll variable geometry, 4 roll plate rolls and our Hi-Tech line for sheet metal rolling, we have your application covered. To understand which machine best suits your needs, you must first understand how each machine works.

3 Roll Double Pinch – SIHR & SIH Series

The 3 roll double pinch design is a standard machine for job-shop type applications of a wide range, and is also well-suited to cone rolling applications. The 3 roll double pinch design has a central and stationary top roll, with two lower rolls both operating on a planetary design for movement down away from the top roll and up towards it. The lower rolls also tilt in-order-to better adjust for cone rolling by allowing for a more encompassing contact point. Basic operation and movement can be shown in the illustrations below:

3 Roll Double Pinch - SIHR & SIH Series

3 Roll Variable Geometry – 3RHT Series

Next is the 3 roll variable geometry machine, also referred to as translating geometry. These machines are unique in that both the lower roll movements are in a horizontal plane, while the top roll is adjusted in a vertical plane. This unique function allows the top roll to operate in a press fashion, allowing for a wide range of pre-bending capability.

With both lower rolls able to adjust on a horizontal plane in toward the top roll or away from it, the machine has a wide “sweet spot” range without the concern of crowning in the rolls resulting in the barrel-effect on finished products. These machines are ideal for heavier plate applications, for shops who require a wide working range, and for cone applications. Basic operation and movement can be shown in the illustrations below:

3 Roll Variable Geometry - 3RHT Series

3 Roll Variable Geometry - 3RHT Series



4 Roll Plate Rolls – 4R & 4RH Series

The most common plate roll in the modern era is the 4 roll plate roll. These machines operate with a top roll and central roll found in a parallel orientation with two adjustable side rolls found on either side. These side rolls can adjust via planetary design or linear guide design. Planetary guide design is the cheaper of the two but compromises overall machine durability by increasing pressure points and moving parts. IMCAR machines in the 4R and 4RH series are only built with a linear guide design for maximum power transfer and overall machine strength and durability.

4 roll plate rolling machines are optimal when there is a need for precision pre-bending or a desire to incorporate CNC control options for volume production and precision repeatability. 4 roll plate rolls require a minimal learning curve and are generally considered simple to operate. Basic operation and movement can be shown in the illustrations below:

4 Roll Plate Rolls - 4R & 4RH Series

All IMCAR machines are built with only the highest quality components, including solid steel weldments and machined parts for the frame. Hydraulics are oversized, ranging on average 30% larger than those found on our competitors’ machines, in-order-to allow low working pressure, thereby reducing stress loads on the machines that reduces maintenance and increases machine life.

Hi-Tech Series

IMCAR also produces an industrial grade line of machines suited for sheet metal and thin plate applications, most commonly ranging from 24 gauge to 3/16″ in material thickness. These machines are offered in three primary categories:


All machines in the Hi-Tech series can be configured in production cell packages to include part loading, ejection, palletizing, and even feeding into welding systems and all configured to each customer’s requirements and production needs.
Along with these standard machine types, IMCAR also commonly produces machines for custom applications, full or partial scale production systems based on customer requirements, and unique solutions offered from our decades of experience and solutions for various steel fabrication applications.

In North America, please contact Fabrication Solutions & Technologies, an IMCAR company, for all your plate rolling equipment and solutions needs.

Download IMCAR 3RHT Digital Brochure

FST: Revolutionizing the Way Your Shop Fabricates Stainless

Fabrication Solutions & Technologies, an IMCAR company, was launched in 2016 to directly represent, support and service IMCAR products in the North American market. From the thousands of shops that depend on IMCAR equipment to our future customers, we are here for you.

One of the realms of expertise and specialization that IMCAR equipment and solutions have gained a strong reputation for innovation, durability and quality in is that of stainless steel fabrication. From shops producing for food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical and various other applications, we offer the highest quality, most dependable fabricating equipment available.

One of our more innovative and celebrated product offerings is the Vertical System for Tank Production™. This unique IMCAR patented system allow for various stations in the tank production process. All these stations are geared to work together to maximize efficiency, improve overall quality, decrease safety risks associated with traditional methods and overall improve our client’s bottom line.

Vertical Systems for Stainless Tank Production™

Our Station 1 Tank Shell Production System allows for customers both in-shop and on-site in the field to work with both plate and/or coil material to roll tank shells in a vertical orientation. The Station 1 is comprised of a Vertical Decoiler for coil up to 6′ in height and 25 tons in weight. Next, the coil or plate material is fed into a Vertical Plate Roll sized depending on material thickness and height, but most commonly up to 6′ x 1/2″ thickness capacity. On the outfeed side of our Vertical Roll is a Vertical Plasma Cutting Station that allows the material to be cut after rolling, thereby eliminating any “barrel” effect or unbent straights in the rolled shell. When the tank shell is completed, the Vertical Welding System is used to produce an automated weld for the vertical seam of the tank shell.

Station 1 Stainless

When tank shells, or cans, are completed, they can be transferred to the IMCAR Tank Shell Alignment and Circular Welding Station. This system, sometimes referred to as “Station 2”, uses one fixed and one hydraulic powered roller to align two tank shells, one stacked on top of the other, even if the thicknesses vary between the two. As they are brought into alignment, an operator will make a tack-weld on the outfeed side of the compression rolls. After an alignment and tack-weld is successfully completed, an automated girth weld is made on the round seam of the two adjoined shells. If a compressed weld is desired, another pass allows this process to take place.

There are options available for polishing of the weld and completed shells if desired. This polishing process can be done with abrasive disk or belt drive systems, depending on application and customer preference.

Horizontal Systems for Tank & Vessel Production

As the Vertical System™ option may not be ideal for every application, such as those with limited hook height, or low volume one-off production, IMCAR also offers systems in a horizontal format. These systems can be utilized with IMCAR plate rolling technology, or in an independent format.

The basic needs of each horizontal system can vary, but IMCAR’s equipment and solutions have you covered. Be it our selection of standard welding manipulators or a manipulator built to your specific needs, we integrate these with the proper horizontal positioners, or in some cases, vertical positioner tables as the application and customer setting dictate.

Welding Manipulator on Rail (welding solutions)

From basic low production needs to high-volume custom engineered and designed production systems, IMCAR equipment is your shop’s solution to increased efficiency, quality and reduced dependence on manual labor. Some applications that IMCAR has partnered in with our customers in utilizing a horizontal system include beer brewing tanks, tank trucks and various other applications for stainless tanks and vessels.

Half-Pipe Forming & Welding

A common application for our stainless fabricators is the need to coil and weld half-pipe for various heat or cooling transfer applications. IMCAR equipment utilizes two basic designs to cover the vast majority of half-pipe applications.

The most common method among true half-pipe coil manufacturers is to use an IMCAR section bending roll with custom tooling to fit the desired half-pipe profile. This system can be basic with manual operation, or utilize a CNC program and be incorporated with our welding manipulators to perform a semi-automatic production process.

Foto Half Pipe Machine Version 2011 (19)

The most innovative method for producing half-pipe in applications utilizing 10 gauge or thinner material is the IMCAR Automatic Half-Pipe Forming & Welding System. This revolutionary machine allows various widths of coil material to be formed into the desired half-pipe profile, rolled to the proper diameter and programmed to provide the proper pitch between coils. As the material is formed, the system utilizes CMT dual-torch welding to simultaneously weld both sides of the rolled, formed and coiled half-pipe profile. This method utilizes proprietary IMCAR software designed specifically for half-pipe applications.

Half Pipe Version 2010

Polishing Manipulators for Tank Heads and Shells

Aside from polishing options incorporated into our Vertical System for Tank Production™, IMCAR also offers free-standing manipulators both in manual operation and CNC controlled for the polishing of stainless heads and tank/vessel bodies.

IMCAR polishing manipulator 2

Head Presses and Flanging Equipment

For our customers who desire to bring head forming or flanging operations in-house, we offer options for various head presses up to our standard 400 Ton press or other sizes per customer request. These presses operate with manipulators to ensure precision, quality and dependable results for head production piece by piece or multiple pieces in one process.


Our flanging equipment also allows our customers to bring production in-house for thinner head applications where flanging is utilized over the press method. Our flanges allow thinner material to be flanged in the middle of a head to provide additional strength to the head structure while using thinner material in the process. These heads are common for atmospheric tanks using thin material.




Hi-Tech Series Machines & Systems

The Hi-Tech series of plate rolling technology from IMCAR offers rapid, reliable machine options for applications ranging from light volume to high scale production systems. These machines primarily work with material from 3/16″ to 26 gauge thickness.

The Hi-Tech series can operate in a stand-alone manual loading and operating process or be built in standard or customized systems to allow part loading, rolling, ejection and even incorporated into an automated welding process and finalized with part removal and stacking when preferred. The Hi-Tech series is used in a wide range of applications from HVAC to stainless tubing and various other products.

Standard Plate Rolls

For applications where rolling is the primary objective and material thickness exceeds the Hi-Tech series capabilities, we offer the full IMCAR line of plate rolls in both three roll double-pinch format, translating geometry, and four roll configuration with CNC options for part repeatability. To learn more about the types of standard plate rolls and what best suits your application, please visit our website at www.FSTsteelfab.com

Seam Welders

FST also offers the full range of IMCAR seam welding equipment, be it vertical or standard horizontal applications. These seam welders can be used on their own or incorporated with IMCAR rolling technology to help cover a wider range of the fabricating process.

Circular Welding Station Backing Gas System

To conclude, IMCAR has a proud history dating back to its inception in 1955. Building on its already strong reputation and the thousands of machines in use in North America and the world, the launch of Fabrication Solutions & Technologies is a step to add to that success and more directly serve our existing and future customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Call us today at (903) 663-8500 or email at sales@FSTsteelfab.com to learn more about how we can partner with your company in providing the highest quality innovative solutions for your stainless fabricating operation.