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IMCAR Vertical Systems for Tank Production

IMCAR Vertical Systems for Tank Production ™ are the most innovative and best-kept secret for leading tank manufacturers all over the world. These revolutionary patented systems have helped tank manufacturers streamline their production methods and increase their bottom line.

Ask us how we can help your company accomplish the following:

-Increase efficiency

-Decrease material costs

-Drastically reduce material handling

-Decrease your reliance on subcontractors

-Increase safety

-Decrease labor dependency

-Improve overall quality

-Work faster

Vertical Systems for Tank Production ™ can be used for in-shop or on-site tank production for tank shells ranging from 6′ diameter to well over 100′. Additional options allow our customers to align, fit-up and weld tank shells, polish material, compress welds, produce tank heads, legs, and even automated half-pipe forming and welding. We also provide many options and features specifically for stainless tank manufacturing in the realm of dairy, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, liquid fertilizer silos, beer and wine applications and more.

Call us today to learn how ‘Our Technologies are Your Solutions’. Fabrication Solutions & Technologies, an IMCAR company, is your North American source for Vertical Systems for Tank Production™ and the entire line of IMCAR Bending and Welding Technology products and solutions.

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