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Revolutionize Shop Tank Production: Pre-Owned IMCAR Station 1 Tank Shell Production System

Revolutionize Shop Tank Production: Pre-Owned IMCAR Station 1 Tank Shell Production System - Station 1 Tank Shell Production

Fabrication Solutions & Technologies is pleased to offer a pre-owned Station 1 Tank Shell Production System from our Vertical Systems for Tank Production™ offering. Due to demand of these units, we are rarely able to offer these as pre-owned. As an IMCAR company, we can also offer an optional limited factory warranty and annual certified maintenance service agreement.

Discover the secret behind maximum efficiency, cost savings and an improved bottom line for your tank manufacturing process.

This pre-owned unit offers the following capabilities:

-6′ x 3/8″ capacity plate rolling

-25 ton coil capacity

-6′ Vertical Plasma Cutting Station

-6′ Vertical Welding Station

-Table for 8′ to 22″ diameter shell production (easily increased by extending platform)

Revolutionize your tank production process with the ability to work from steel coils, thereby drastically reducing material handling. In addition, by working from steel coils, all unbent straights encountered by other plate rolling methods is eliminated. Add to this the ability to use a semi-automated process for rolling, cutting and welding the vertical seam of the shell all in one location, and you have not only reduced production time, but also the necessary labor.

Material handling is a major burden to any steel fabrication shop, but with the incorporation of the Station 1 in your process this burden is dramatically decreased. Rather than the cumbersome task of unloading trucks of plate steel, it’s as simple as replacing coil by coil, with each coil capable of producing multiple tank shells (varying by diameter, thickness, and coil size). Additionally, by rolling and welding shells in the vertical orientation, there is no need to feed individual plate into a horizontal roll, while being concerned with shell support and removal.

This Station 1 is ideal for any shop producing tanks from 3/16″ to 3/8″ carbon steel, needing to roll and cut plate for shipping to location for field tanks, or for a company who supplies tank components to manufacturing companies and would like to add the ability to offer completed tank shells.

Call FST today at (903) 663-8500 to discuss your application and whether or not the Station 1 is ideal for your shop! You can also reach us by email on our contact page.