The SIH and SIHR series of plate rolls provides a 3 roll double-pinch format designed and built to the exacting and rigid standards of excellence synonymous with IMCAR products. For machine operators or applications that do not seek to incorporate CNC control potential, while still gaining a functional, capable and sturdy machine, the SIH series provides an attractive option.



  • Hydraulic 3 roll plate bending machine with full pre-bending capability
  • Useful length from 3′ to 20′
  • Capacities from ¾” to 5″
  • Fully hydraulic
  • CNC machined, industrial grade main frame components
  • Oversized hydraulic system for lower working pressure, reduced machine strain, increased longevity and workload potential
  • Linear guide design
  • 3 hydraulic motors coupled to planetary reducers for 3 roll rotation funcionality
  • Automatic compensation of top roll rotation speed
  • Hardened rolls
  • Extended shafts for section bending dies on select models
  • Industrial grade mobile control console
  • Push buttons controls allow parallel movement of lateral rolls and rotation function
  • Drop end control from control console
  • Proportional valve and PLC compensation of lateral roll parellellism
  • Hydraulic inclination of lateral rolls for conical bending direct from control console via selector switch network
  • 4 digital readouts for roll positioning
  • Variable speed capability and options