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Revolutionize Your Dimpled Jacket Production

Revolutionize Your Dimpled Jacket Production - Dimpled Jacket - Pillow Plate - Keppels Laser Welding System

Step into the future with the Keppels Laser Welding System™ for Dimpled Jacket Production. For years the North American market has relied on antiquated, manual, labor-intensive methods to produce dimpled jackets for their tank, vessel and heat-exchanger applications. Frequently, even when technology is invested in and relied upon, it uses resistance-welding, which does offer a lower entry point, but severely limits production speed, quality, and overall efficiency. Not only does the Keppels System bring you the latest in laser welding technology, it takes it one step further by leaving behind the old CO2 laser technology and stepping into the future with fiber laser technology from IPG.

Why laser welding for Dimpled Jacket?

  • Up to 5x faster than traditional resistance welding methods
  • Higher quality welding results that eliminate the need to remove plastic or clean the backside of welded panels
  • Rapid transfer of programs from AutoCAD or design software in the to proprietary Keppels CNC system that makes editing and revisions a thing of ease
  • Drastically increased efficiency concerning power usage, consumables, and gases when compared to old CO2 laser technology and resistance welding
  • Fiber laser technology offers nearly maintenance free operations for endless hours of production when compared to CO2 lasers and resistance welding methods
  • Highly repeatable results in comparison to traditional resistance-welding methods
  • Low heat welding ensures minimum material distortion
  • The ultimate in design flexibility and innovation for a wide range of heat transfer and cooling applications
  • Keppels Dual-Head technology allows for two laser welding heads (optional) for an approximate 40% increase in production throughput

For too long, tank and vessel, as well as heat exchanger producers, have been held hostage by limited sources for buying laser welded panels. It’s time to bring it in-house with Keppels. The Keppels Laser Welding Systems™ for Dimpled Jacket Production is relied on by some of the biggest names in stainless production and represent the latest technology on the market backed by cutting-edge support and engineering experience in heat transfer applications.

FST provides the only source in North America that not only represents, but also provides full maintenance and service support to our customers of laser welding systems. Call us today to step into the future of dimpled jacket production.

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