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Revolutionizing Field Tank Construction

Revolutionizing Field Tank Construction - Vertical Systems for Field Tank Production™

The Vertical System for Field Tank Production™ from IMCAR is used by worldwide leaders in field tank construction. Find out how these systems can help your company:
-Increase Efficiency
-Produce Tanks Faster
-Improve Safety
-Decrease Material Costs
-Drastically Reduce Material Handling
-Improve Quality
-Reduce labor dependency

The Vertical System for Field Tank Production™ allows our customer to take their system on location and manufacture tanks on-site, using coil and plate stock, or a combination of both. These systems allow tank shell diameters from 8′ to 100′ and greater (when using coil stock) to be rolled, cut and welded directly on the tank foundation. When the shell is completed it can then be lifted by crane or IMCAR Lifting Leg Systems, where the next shell is rolled, cut and welded. When the second shell is completed, the Circular Welding Station, incorporated with the Tank Shell Production System for field applications, allows for semi-automated alignment, girth seam welding, and weld compression. When complete, the adjoined tank shells are then lifted and the process repeated until desired tank height is achieved.
These systems typically allow for material height of up to 8′, coil weight of up to 25 tons and plate roll capacity for coil reaching ½’, and for plate reaching up to 1.5′. Coil straightener options are also available to allow manufacturers the ability to use coil stock for cutting of decks, tank heads or other miscellaneous steel components needed on-site for tank construction.
Learn how you can avoid the unnecessary and cumbersome logistical challenges of rolling your material in shop and then shipping to location, only to unload for the second time, and handle repeatedly until needed for construction.
Fabrication Solutions & Technologies wants to be your partner provider and help your company expand its capabilities, improve safety by reducing material handling and labor, and increase the bottom line.

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