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Revolutionizing Stainless Tank Manufacturing: Vertical Systems for Stainless Tank Production

Revolutionizing Stainless Tank Manufacturing: Vertical Systems for Stainless Tank Production - Vertical Systems for Stainless Steel Tank Production

The Vertical System for Stainless Tank Production™ from IMCAR is offered exclusively to the North American market through Fabrication Solutions & Technologies, an IMCAR company. These systems are used by leading stainless tank producers all over the world, including here in North America.

Discover how your shop can:


-Increase Efficiency

-Decrease Production Time

-Improve Quality

-Decrease Material Handling

-Lower Material Costs

-Reduce the Risk of Material Contamination

-Improve Safety


When IMCAR originally developed the concept of the Vertical System™ they did so with the stainless manufacturer in mind. Stainless applications often demanded top quality, which was hindered by additional material handling, and other issues encountered by traditional methods.

By beginning work from coil stock, the Vertical System™ allowed producers the option of first straightening the material for the highest quality standards, or simply moving from coil to roll. When operating in a vertical format this eliminates the cumbersome material handling encountered by traditional horizontal plate rolling methods, as well as the increased risk of material contamination that handling via traditional methods allows. After rolling, the material is then cut by a vertical plasma, or an optional abrasive disk system for the most stringent of quality requirements. When cutting is complete and the shell is rolled, the shell weld-seam is welded by a semi-automatic vertical welding system, delivering excellent results, often with full penetration welds.

After a completed shell is rolled, cut and welded it is then moved to the Circular Welding Station where two shells (even of varying thickness) can be tack-welded and aligned by compression rolls. After the alignment is complete, the girth seam is then welded with an automated process complete with camera and infra-red monitors to insure consistent quality throughout the welding process. After the two shells are welded another is added simply by moving the two joined shells and adding the next completed shell to the table of the Circular Welding Station. This is repeated until desired tank height is achieved.

In conjunction to the Tank Shell Production Station and the Circular Welding Station, IMCAR also offers options for material polishing that can be carried out separately or incorporated into the desired station where maximum efficiency will be achieved. If the customer desires to purchase material with a protective wrapper then an optional removal system can be placed on the outfeed of the decoiler in the Tank Shell Production Station.

For completed tanks or heat exchanger applications where half-pipe needs to be formed and welded IMCAR offers a fully automated Half-Pipe Forming and Welding System where forming for various half-pipe shapes and sizes is performed from coil stock to the desired profile and pitch necessary while being welded simultaneously to the tank body.

Miscellaneous options offered for stainless producers include Vertical Systems for Field Production™, presses for tank legs, flanges and presses for tank heads, coil tilters for easy coil spool loading, and even lifting legs for applications where cranes are a burden to profit or difficult to maneuver into position.

Learn more about the innovative technology and solutions used by leading stainless steel tank producers all over the world. Call Fabrication Solutions today at (903) 663-8500 or email us at to learn explore how we can help revolutionize and streamline your tank manufacturing process!